Taint of Exile

(Tarjolla vain englanniksi.) 

In 2004 I began to work on a comic project called Taint of Exile. Currently it is my main project even thought it has a slow updating schedule.

The intention of this project is for me to study many things. Thus so the style of the pages changes often as well the tools and ways of making the comic pages.

Story Summary

During the time of Vikings there existed an empire by the border of today's Finland and Sweden. This empire, Prohenta, was inhabited by humans and a magical race called q'etyana. While the empire gets ready for a war against Vikings and Crusaders an exiled sorcerer gets himself involved with it all. This sorcerer was long ago exiled, but still he never left the empire.
His past is a mystery and so is the reason of his exile. There are many rumors of him and of a deceaced soldier and of this soldier's missing lover, but no one seems to remember the truth. And now the sorcerer has returned to be an important player in the upcoming war.

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