The comic has two names which might confuse many. Tari Uyest’ is the actual name of the comic, but the Way of Dreams is easier for readers to understand which is why I’m using both of the names. ”Tari uyest’” means the same thing as ”the way of dreams”, but is in the ancient language of the story.

tari = road/way
u- = of
esstelistuu.jpgyest = dream
’ = plural


Tari Uyest’ takes place in an alternative world. It tells the story of a girl from our world who following her brother accidentally travels trough a portal to another world called Abishna. She comes in contact with a curios pair of characters who helps her out while she tries to find her brother. Besides helping her these two characters have their own agenda - finding out what is the true meaning of Arnendo Usnezev, an old legend, and why in the coldest place of Siberia grows a rainforest.

The story revolves around these three characters – Amy, Esstel and Geryan – and their origin, reasons of existence and the friends and enemies they’ll encounter on their road.


The shape of the world in Abishna is the same as ours and even some places have names that can be found on our map (which will be learned in the story).

- World Map


Among the people of Abishna there are several stories of how the world came to be. Especially among humans they have one story of their own in each tribe and culture. The ancient races of the world have only one version of how everything came to be.

There is one factor that is the same in all the versions known. Elves were the first beings on Abishna.

In the version of the ancient races (which will be the one learned in the story) it is told that the immortal gods were first beings to exist, but not on Abishna. They created Abishna. They created the land, seas, lakes, rivers, mountains, forests and etc. Then to fill the land they created with some more complex beings they sent their children down to Abishna. These children were the elves.

In all the stories told of the creation of Abishna the elves created animals.

Humans acknowledge the immortal gods (those generally worshiped by ancient races), but only as the mother’s and father’s of the land and elves. To them the highest beings are the elves, the parents of their own gods – the mortal gods.

Ancient races of Abishna worship the immortal gods that are never changing guardians of the world. (More about the gods of Abishna will come later.)


The races of Abishna are divided in two general groups – into humans and the ancient races (usually immortal).

The common language (or English) is the language of the humans and also commonly used by the ancient races. The ancient language is the common language of the ancient races.

Ancient language is said to have originated from the beginning of time and it is said to be the language of the immortal gods.

In some legends and stories there is mentions of other languages besides these two.


Ancient races are pretty much all the other races besides humans. What is usually in common between them and differs from humans is their ability to use magic and immortality (very long life). Elves that have been mentioned before are not considered as one of the ancient races, because they are seen as people close to gods.

Here is a short introduction of three of the ancient races:

Demons are a colorful group of people. Generally they are like most people in Abishna with one head and two arms and feet, however, this is not a absolute rule. Most commonly they have some animal features, but even these features can be something from your wildest or scariest dreams.

As a group of people they are usually aggressive, territorial and independent. They live in clans lead by strong leaders. A week leader will be overthrown very quickly. Usually all conflicts and wars are only fought among themselves. They rarely have any need to fight with the other races of Abishna. Still, history tells about great wars fought against dreamers hundreds of years ago.

Fearies is one of the less seen people - especially by humans. Many of the natural phenomens are thought to be caused by them. They are small people with wings like those of a dragonfly.

The only place where they are known to live for certain is Shihezi (world map).

Yesta - Dreamers
Dreamers are the old ruling race of Siberia. Ever since their withdrawal to Abzar Valley in the northern part of Siberia their old kingdom has been over run by humans. Among the ancient races the old greatness of this old and powerfull race is still in fresh memory. Among humans, however, many generations has passed and in their eyes dreamers are a people of stories and to be feared.  

Dreamers are known for their strong magic and mind reading ability. Due to this they are often seen as the strongest race to walk on land. Some stories place them even above the almost god-like elves. Beyond the stories told and legendary powers very little is known of them.  

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