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Siberia is the old Dreamer kingdom now runover by human tribes with out a common ruling body. For most part of the year Siberia is cold with the most northern parts being frozen all around the year. The human tribes in this countries vary in culture and size. Some of them are nomads and some live in the same village all around. The more human tribes enter Siberia the more conflicts take place between them which is why now days Siberia is not in peace.

Neversummer is a small human village. The humans living there enjoy peace most of the time because it is so far up in the north that most of the other tribes do not reside there.

Abzar Valley
Abzar Valley is the stronghold of dreamers who used to rule Siberia. Humans fear the mountains surrounding the valley and thus so there are no inhabitants in the near area - only signs of failed living and the old ruins of the kingdom.


Mongolia is a kind of border country to the territory of the ancient races and humans. It is not a clear line, but Mongolia is a country where it's not clear do ancient races or humans rule. This causes conflicts, even though so far ancient races have been able to keep their hold on their land. This is because most of the humans living in Mongolia are nomad tribes.


Shikoku is the land ruled by demons and demons alone. They try to grow their territory all the time, but their own inner conflicts between clans makes it slow.


Shihezi is the small and legendary land between big nations. Shihezi is mystical and the birth of many stories. Humans do not go near this land.


Tibet is a country in constant conflict between humans and ancient races. Both kinds try to rule it, but so far there has been no success on either side.


Kathmandu is a strange country among all the others because in this country humans and ancient races live side by side in piece. Even the ruling body is built of all the different kinds of people found in the country.


Hainan is one of the few countries that are completely ruled and inhabited by ancient races alone. This is why they have a good trading relationship with Shikoku.


Kiova is the symbol of the ever closer coming wave of change. It's completely ruled and inhabited by humans alone, just like almost every country in West. For the ancient races which have to make way to humans century after century Kiova is just the beginning of change in Abishna which will stay.

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