Main Cast

Those who belong to the main cast (aka characters I think that need more introducing than the others) are introduced here. They are in the order of appearance. Because the story is constantly under planning (even thought I have the general story planned) while I make the pages, some characters can be brought up from the supporting cast to the main cast.

My project of making proper pictures for all the characters in the main cast is still unfinished. For those characters that have already appeared, but don't have a proper profile picture done I have made temporary pictures so that it's easier for you to know the characters in the comic.



Age: 21
Occupation: exiled sorcerer
Hair: black with red tops
Eyes: bright yellow
Viator is supposedly in exile, but lately the guards have let him be and so he can move around Prohenta without being stopped. He travels around the villages of Prohenta, but he's not welcomed very lightly to the villages. However, with him he always bring rare herbs or even gold which he spends on alcohol. He appears as a smiling person to many people around him, but many have seen a darker side in him as well. It is told that the forest all around sides with him. Because of those stories some might even fear him. After all many brave soldiers have told it to be true. About how the trees move like he wants...
First appearence: Chapter 1, page 1



Age: 16
Occupation: crown princess
Hair: brown with golden tops
Eyes: light green
Iulia is the princess and heir to the throne of Prohenta. She's highly respected, because she's a princess, but she knows that many doupt her ability to rule a kingdom. She is daughter to two very great magic users and still she hasn't been able to develope any magic and trough time it has been magic which has been the strongest weapon of the royals. Still Iulia is certain of being an empress in future no matter how she would be pressed on. With her strong will and hot temper she will rule someday. After all she has been ready for it as long as she remembers. However, lately she's been sneaking out from the capital...
First appearence: Chapter 1, page 2



Nickname: Cad (used by Viator)
Age: 28
Occupation: high shaman
Hair: brown like bark, black stripes/spots
Eyes: ice blue
Saturnin is the server of both Prohenta’s people and the spirits. Among all the shamans in Prohenta he’s strongest and most respected. He became a student to an old shaman at very young age when his parents were killed. He chose to take the same path as his mentor and soon became known all around Prohenta. Just above ten years he ended up to be the high shaman and an advisor of the emperor. He’s a man with strong sense of right and wrong and he lives up to his believes. Above all he serves the sprits and many think that his dedication to the spirits caused his current position. He’s still a royal advisor and he’s still the high shaman, but he’s not trusted anymore. His words have lost their whole weight. Many stories are told of what happened. Whatever the truth was Saturnin ended up to be prisoned in the capital of Prohenta never to leave it again...
First appearence: Chapter 1, page 13 



Age: 26
Occupation: head of castle security
Hair: green with yellow tops
Eyes: no one knows since he's always covered them
Zephyrus is in charge of castle security. He's been in his position for seven years and it is clear that he was promoted to his current position due to being Princess Iulia's cousin. Zephyrus can be described as a lone-wolf. He takes his work seriously, but most of the time he is still out of sight. He wanders in the quietest parts of the castle or is found in his private room sleeping. Most of his subordinates respect him for both his bloodline and position, but even more people fear him. There are two reasons behind the fear. One is the fact that he's the last living member of a family of strong illusionists and the other reason that no one has ever seen Zephyrus's eyes because ever since he's been a child he's had his bangs long and in front of his eyes. Commonly the reason for hiding his eyes is thought to be the fact that Zephyrus has a bad eyesight which is well known, but not everyone believes it to be the only truth...
First appearence: chapter 1, page 32



Age: around 70
Occupation: emperor
Hair: light grey
Eyes: yellowish brown
Renato became the emperor after his father died. He was already then married to his current wife and they had a son. Their son died when their daughter was only four and his grave can be found near the castle. Renato has always been very introvert outside of being an emperor. However there was a time when he could give all his attention to his family alone, but now his priorities has changed. Prohenta’s strong and hard emperor rarely showed up to the people, but even those few times when he used to show up are now gone. Closed up in the castle he stays hidden from his people. What has changed in him likely no one knows, but his disappearance from public caused fear to grow among his people. After all he has the power to control their minds...
First appearence: Chapter 1, page 34
First mentioned: Chapter 1, page 19



Age: around 60
Occupation: empress
Hair: bluish grey
Eyes: dark green
Edulica has been married to his current husband for years. It is very likely that she knows him best. Ever since Renato disappeared from the public Edulica has been his face to the people. Following orders straight from Renato she takes care of the affairs outside the castle. To the people she appears as hard as her husband, but inside the castle where she doesn’t need to work for Renato she is all but that. Edulica is a very caring person who loves all life around her. She has always had sad eyes, but her smiles seems to have become sad with them. She appears calm to everyone, but it is told that from her Iulia got her temper...
First appearence: Chapter 1, page 34



Name in English: swamp
Age: 23
Occupation: royal guard (personal guard to the royal family)
Hair: black
Eyes: green with brown in them
Suo was orphanaged when he was very young - so young that he has no memories of his parents or any other possible family. His first memories are from the capital of Prohenta where he and several other orphanaged children were raised to have some kind of position in the community. Ever since the beginning he was going trough training to become a soldier and that training was the only life and joy he knew. Suo is serious and hard working who is thought to be almost devoid of feelings. He was like that from the very beginning and with his hard work and proven loyalty he became a personal royal guard to the Emperor and his family at the age of 14. Suo is thought to be with out personal life and he himself gives everything to his work, but people speculate that it's not the whole truth. Behind his back people tell tales of him being involved with now dead Lawrie and trough him with the exiled Viator...
First appearence: chapter 1, page 34



Age: immortal
Occupation: mother spirit of wolves
Hair: dark grey with some white in it
Eyes: light yellow
It is told that Louhiatar, mother of wolves, brings everything bad like illness to people with her children. Just like she also her mate, Loaus, is considered an evil spirit. After all he’s the father of elks which are foul creatures. Louhiatar is mysterious just like every spirit is to the mortals. However for the past years she has been like a mother to Viator living with him in the land which is not her home. Despite the fact that she frees her children from every trap she can and gives you warm smiles and hugs, not even Viator know what she really is...
First appearence: Chapter 2, page 1



Name in English: snowball
Age: less than a year
Occupation: none really, he's a wolf alright
Fur: white
Lumipallo is Viator's silent follower. He's a wolf who finds himself more at home with his q'etyana brother than the wolves. He will quickly grow to be Viator's most trusted companion and best support.
First appearance: Chapter 2, page 3



Age: 36
Occupation: general
Hair: orange with black tops
Eyes: blue
Many people even in Prohenta dislike Ulyssus. Despite being the head of the whole army he isn’t more than a puppet in the eyes of the people – puppet to the Emperor. Especially now when fear grows inside the people they see anything too close to the Emperor as their enemies. Still even thought he’s feared and disliked by many Ulyssus has more followers than enemies among his own. He’s a respected leader after keeping Prohenta safe for many years and hopefully many years to come. But the people aren’t wrong to assume that he does almost anything the Emperor asks. Just like the Empress is the face to the emperor Ulyssus as the general is the one who puts Emperor’s wishes to action with out questioning them. He has always kept himself distant to the people he work with and the people he protect. He appears cold and uncaring when acting as general. However, just like many other leaders he too keeps his true face hidden to all but his own family...
First appearence: chapter 2, page 28
First mentioned: chapter 1, page 20



Age: ?
Occupation: mercenary
Hair: fire red
Eyes: ?
An is the infamous and expensive female mercenary who would kill even her own mother for gold (and many believe she has already done that). Many stories are told of her and those stories make her feared and known. She has always her eyes covered with a scarf and it is told that the spirits got angry with her and cut her eyes out. Despite that she still sees everything – even what normal people can’t see...
First appearence: chapter 3, page 19



Age: 22 (when he was killed)
Occupation: soldier
Hair: blond with brown tops
Eyes: sea blue
It's been three years since Lawrie was killed under questionable circumstances, but persistent stories and rumors of his life and death keep on evolving and getting wilder. Many people remember a youngster whose greatest wish ever was to become a royal guard and serve the Emperor. That wish became true and his loyalty was unquestioned, but then one day not much later this cheerful young man was lowered to a normal soldier. This was the point where the persistent rumors began. Not only was he lowered to a normal soldier for reasons no one knows about, but not long before that his long time lover Annora left the capital not to be seen again. After these strange circumstances Lawrie's personality changed completely. He was known as an outgoing and cheerful young man, but from this point untill the day he was killed he was depressed, silent and distanced himself from everyone and everything. Then three years ago Lawrie surrounded by rumors was killed and that gave ground to even wilder stories...
First appearence: chapter 5



Age: 5
Occupation: child
Hair: copper with golden fringe
Eyes: sea blue
Raidne has never seen anyone like herself beside her mother. All her life she has spent living in a cave with Annora and the only friends she has ever had were the animals living in the same forest. She knows very little of her origin since her mother says she’ll tell more when she’s older. Raidne doesn’t really mind that she doesn’t know, but she's still curious of what’s on the other side of a huge river from where her mother said she had come from. However, don’t be surprised if you hear the wisest words from this little girl who has wisdom beyond her age...
First appearence: chapter 6


Age: 23
Occupation: reincarnation of mother creator
Hair: lilac with light red tops
Eyes: reddish brown
Annora was sold to the royal's of Prohenta, when she was very young. She doesn't remember much of the time before it, but the knowledge of her own people selling her off has hurt her deeply. It is believed that she is the raincarnation of the mother creator, the first q'etyana, and because of that she's supposed to have some great magical power that no one has ever seen. This is the reason why Renato wanted her to the capital long ago. She lived in the castle almost as one of the royals, but still never felt at home. Most of her childhood and teenage years she wandered around the capital and among the common people through which she became acquainted with a cheerful youngster Lawrie who later became her lover. About six years ago Annora suddenly disappeared not to be seen again and left her lover and many wild and persistent rumors behind...
First appearence: chapter 7



Age: 26 (when he died)
Occupation: crown prince
Hair: black with a bluish sheen to it
Eyes: left one brown and right one green
Feri was the first son of Emperor Renato. He was a prince everyone loved and who was the perfect emperor-to-be. He was a skilled strategist and used to be an advisor to his father. The same year Iulia was born he announced his engagement to Zephyrus's sister Zabra. She however died two years after and left Feri alone and broken. After her death Feri changed dramatically. Years ago Feri died under strange circumstances. No one knows was it a murder, accident or even a suicide...
First appearance: chapter ?
First mentioned: chapter 3, page 14



Age: immortal
Occupation: mother spirit of bears
Hongotar is intentionally kept a mysterious character for now. That is why there is really no information of her yet.
First appearence: chapter ?
First mentioned: chapter 2, page 6