Esstel of Abzar Valley

"We are just tools in this huge game of Gods."

charpicesstel02.jpgRACE: dreamer (yesta)
AGE: 93 years (about 17 in human terms)
GENDER: male
HAIR: red
HEIGHT: 193 cm, 6'4''
FAMILY: Kariel (foster mother), Geryan (foster brother), Aime (foster sister)
SPECIAL SKILLS: unique fighting style, quick at learning languages, understands easily complicated things, knowledged in magic

For most of his life Esstel has been living among humans. Growing up in a human village was not easy for someone of Esstel's kind. The racism was obvious and because of that he grew up to be aloof and bitter. His human foster mother Kariel tried her best to raise the dreamer-boy to be a happy man, but did not succeed. She loves him greatly, but Esstel's bride in his bloodline and distrusting personality prevented him from really accepting love from a human.

Esstel doesn't trust anyone, or at least he tries to act like he doesn't. His deep loyalty, however, is obvious and thus so he has never abandoned his foster mother nor brother. Esstel is proud of his origin and bloodline and often looks down on other races because dreamers consider them inferior.

 First appearence: part 2 page 5




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