Amy Clifftop

"It's like I'm in some sort of fantasy-book."

charpicamy02.jpgRACE: human
AGE: 18
GENDER: female
HAIR: almost-black brown
HEIGHT: 163 cm, 5'4.2''
FAMILY: Katariina Clifftop (mother), John Clifftop (father), Albert Clifftop (brother), Anne Jokinen (half-sister)
SPECIAL SKILLS: nautralizing dreamer magic, sensing darkness in people's hearts

Amy grew up in United States, her father's homeland. There she lived a quite happy life with her parents, brother and half-sister. Seven years ago, however, her parents got divorced and it's not been so many years since she moved to Finland with her mother and brother. Her mother is born Finnish and never forgot her origin while living in States and thus so used Finnish as the second language at home. Through this Amy and her siblings are bilingual being fluent in both Finnish and English.

Despite the time that has passed since moving to Finland Amy is not happy with her current life and suffers of homesickness. This is because she considers States her home. She has a hard time finding her place in her new surroundings and doesn't have many friends besides her boyfriend.

Hidden under her loneliness and homesickness is an open heart. Amy is actually very easy person to get along with and she's very tolerant. Earn her trust and friendship and you will have them for life.

 First appearence: part 1 page 2

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