Geryan of Neversummer

charpicgeryan02-2.jpg"Love them the way you want to be loved."

RACE: half-demon, half-human
AGE: 72 years (about 30 in human terms)
GENDER: male
HAIR: reddish brown
HEIGHT: 181 cm, 5'11.3''
FAMILY: Kariel (mother), Esstel (foster brother), Aime (half-sister), Tresy (cousin)
SPECIAL SKILLS: demon powers inherited from his father, endless optimism

Geryan is son to a human mother and demon father. He has no recollection of his father and has lived his whole life with his mother in the human village Neversummer. Being a half-blood has not made his life easy. Along side with his foster older brother Esstel they grew up tolerating the hostil environment the other villagers caused with their mistrust. Generally weaker humans have an inborn distaste for the other races of Abishna.

Geryan could have grown up into a distrusting and angry man due to the treatment he got in his childhoof, but he did not. For a good part his late fiancee, Ildana, must be the cause of Geryan's endless optimism and unconditional love. He is the protector and the power that keeps his unusual family together.

 First appearence: part 2 page 5


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